Why My Groomer Have To Shave Down My Dog?

Many owners are unhappy when groomers had to tell them the only humane thing to do was to shave down their badly matted dog. I, myself practise the humane method. Humanity before vanity. And it has been my motto as long as I can remember.

Here’s my personal reason to why groomers opt to shave down your badly pelted dog instead of dematting.

Dematting can be stressful and painful. The constant tugging and brushing the knots can be painful and create stress to your dog. They will start to struggle and making the work of dematting much more difficult. It may cause your pet to be traumatised and refused to be brushed/comb in future.

Dematting can be time consuming. Depending on how severe the mats are, dematting can be a long tedious work for the groomer. Not to mention, your pet will be in pain and in stress longer than expected if you insist that vanity is more important than your pet’s well being.

Codition of the mats are tight and pelted near to the skin. There are different level of mats and the severely matted fur have to go. Mats all over the body that are tight and pelted are not ideal for dematting. Shaving off this severely matted fur will help your pet’s skin and making it feel comfortable.

Showering a badly matted pet may cause skin problems. The knots will get tighter when showered each time. And it will be difficult to rinse off the shampoo and conditioner residue. By drying a matted coat with shampoo/conditioner residue still in the coat, will make the condition worse. It may be impossible to dry a matted coat. With moisture trapped beneath and the humid weather in Singapore, skin problem is sure to surface.

Abrasion from the constant brushing during dematting may be unavoidable. Dematting may leave your pet’s skin red and inflamed due to constant brushing on the same area while trying to untangle the knot. It may be painful for your pet.

Healthy skin requires to breathe. With the fur tangled, your pet’s skin may be hindered for proper ventilation. This may result to unnecessary skin problems on top of wetting a knotted fur.

Hopefully this post will help you understand more on why there’s a need to shave your severely matted pooch.