Tear Stain Products – The Reviews

Tear stains can be a major problems to owners especially when they have white dogs/cats. There are many reasons to why your pets may have tear stain, but I won’t go into that for this post.

For this blog entry, I will be introducing and leaving my opinions on the tear stain products that I have tried on my white poodle.

Artero Pretty Eyes (Eye Care Lotion)


  • Price: SGD$30.50 to SGD$38.50
  • My ratings: 3.5/5

A friend gave me a little of this solution to try on my white poodle. It did helped remove a little stain and improves my poodle’s tear stain condition. The ingredients were natural extract thus I am willing to give it a try. Thankfully, my poodle didn’t develop any allergic reaction to it. But for a bottle this size, I find it quite reasonable in terms of pricing, but not suitable for owners with a budget.

Tropiclean Facial Cleanser (Tear Stain Remover)


  • Price: SGD$16.40 to SGD$19.50
  • My ratings: 4.5/5

This product is more troublesome to be use. It’s a facial cleanser formula, thus you need to rinse off after leaving it on for about 3 minutes. To prove that this work, I diluted it in a spray bottle. Mix it well before spraying the solution on a facial cotton where I used it to wipe my poodle’s tear stain. Amazingly, the dirt and stain did came off which lightens my poodle’s tear stains after rinsing off the remaining solution that’s on her face.

It’s mild and the ingredients were natural. You may even use it daily to lighten off the stains and maintain cleanliness on your pet’s face. It can be use for muzzle stain too.



  • Price: SGD$15.50 to SGD$17.50
  • My ratings: 3/5

Previously I bought this as it was stated good for tear stain. However, it didn’t really help much despite regular cleaning. But it’s good as normal eye cleaner which help removes dirt around my pets’ eyes. Thus I would recommend it as a normal eye cleaner for owners with breeds like shih tzu, pugs etc. who requires regular eye cleaning.

So far I have only tried these 3 products. I believe there are more that I have yet to try, but most of it I’m reluctant to try due to the ingredients. I am avoiding products that contains antibiotics as long term usage may cause health issues or side effects. While I am still researching for better products on tear stain, if you do have any you would like to recommend me and fellow readers, feel free to leave a comment on this entry.