Slicker Brush – The Reviews

Slicker brush is a must especially for dogs that needs a good brushing. Regular brushing reduce the chances of matted fur. It improves the condition of your pet’s skin and coat as well. Here’s a few brushes that I’ve used or tried and how I feel about them.

Doggyman Soft Slicker Brush


  • Price: SGD$30 to SGD$45
  • My ratings: 4.5/5

It’s the first slicker brush that I’ve tried when I started grooming and I’m loving it. When the description said it’s soft, I was skeptical but it actually is. It’s gentle on the skin too. Even if you were constantly brushing the same area due to a knot, it won’t give any abrasion or rash, but it’s not advisable to do so.

The brush isn’t heavy which is good. Lighter brush won’t tire your arm easily during brushing especially if your pet have a fluffy coat.

Doggyman Pure Pretty


  • Price: SGD$14.35 to SGD$18.10 (prices may vary depending on where you’re getting and the sizes)
  • My ratings: 4/5

Like the above mentioned slicker brush, this is good. I love doggyman brushes as they never fail to amaze me. I got this brush in my equipment set when I enrolled for the professional grooming course. It comes in different sizes.

Gentle on the skin as well. Except that it doesn’t removes mats as easily as the above mentioned slicker brush. But it still serve the same purpose with an extra function where you can remove the fur when you pull down the pink plastic.

Mikki Hard Pin Slicker


  • Price: SGD$13.40 to SGD$20.70 (depending on sizes)
  • My ratings: 2/5

This is by far my least favorite. Although it’s light, it didn’t remove mats easily and it causes abrasion even when brushed lightly. I am not sure about everyone else, but I can’t seem to brush well with this Mikki brush. After a few tries, I gave up and it’s lying in my grooming box.

#1 All System


  • Price: SGD$25 to SGD$35 (depending on sizes)
  • My ratings: 4.5/5

When using this brush, make sure to brush really lightly. And avoid brushing the same area constantly to avoid abrasion. But this brush definitely is easy to brush and removes knots and tangles like wonder. And it gives a very straight fur to poodles after brushing.

Artero Flexible Head


  • Price: SGD$31.20
  • My ratings: 4/5

It’s soft and flexible when brushing. It removes mats easily and gentle on the skin. It’s twin head, which means you can brush the fur using either side. Although I don’t really like the flexible part, but I do love the results it gave after brushing.

Petz Route


  • Price: SGD$25
  • My ratings: 4.5/5

This is my current favorite. It’s light and small, which made it easier for me to brush my poodle’s face. It’s soft and brushes the knots off easily. My arm didn’t get tired from all the brushing, unlike when I was using the Mikki brush. Bought it after a friend recommended it to me when I was looking for a new brush for my poodle. Best buy ever and didn’t regret it.