Why Home Grooming Can Be Costly?

Many have the perception that home grooming is generally cheaper than salons. I beg to differ and here’s why from my point of view.


Home groomers may travel in all sort of ways, public or private transport. For public transport, although generally cheaper compared to owning a vehicle, traveling takes longer time than driving. It includes the walking distance from destination to bus/mrt stations, waiting and traveling time. And the groomer who opted for this option may have to carry all the equipment needed and that includes the grooming table. All of this time and effort adds up will cost more than the actual public transport cost.

Home groomers with their own have additional expenses. Such as car insurance and maintenance, petrol, parking fees and the cost of the car with COE. These cost more than taking the public transport. But its rather convenient for the groomer themselves.

Skills Upgrade

There’s so much to learn to be honest. Different breeds requires many different techniques. Naturally groomers would want to head back to the learning journey.

Courses doesn’t cost just a few hundred. It cost thousands over especially an overseas trip to learn from one of the best in the world.


I personally have tons of grooming equipment. More or less each groomer has the same.

Grooming table, the one I had, I got it at $95. Slightly bigger ones cost about $170.

The most basic scissors probably cost about $180 for a good pair. For a better one it could cost about $500 and above.

Comb wise, the most basic ones is around $20. Better ones from what I know cost about $90.

Dog blower, it depends if your groomer is using the normal salon hair dryer or the powerful dog blower. A hair dryer could cost about $50 and above. While a powerful dog blower could cost above $120. The ones you see at the grooming salon, it cost about $600 and above.

Just all of these cost a bomb, not to mention about brushes and nail clippers etc. Grooming equipment are never cheap.

* Prices are base on my own equipment and knowledge. 

Shampoo & Conditioners

Some home groomers bring their own shampoo and conditioner unless owner requested to use theirs instead.

Depending on brands, it could range from $90 to $200.

Spa & Treatment

As an additional option, home groomers may introduce their spa and treatment to pamper your pets. These little thing doesn’t come cheap.

Prices varies from $100 to probably a thousand for the equipment or products.

Maintenance & Repairs

Equipment needed the maintenance. Occasionally, it requires repair service. This is to make sure the equipment are in tip top condition for the work.

It could cost from around $28 for minor repairs to probably over a hundred for major ones.

These are just a rough gauge and ideas on my own opinion why home grooming may cost a little more than salon. I am not saying salon grooming doesn’t have their own expeditures, but each have their own pros and cons.