Paw Pad Trimmer – The Reviews

Trimming off the fur on the paw pads are important. Trimming off creates more friction when your pet walks. Picking the right paw pad trimmer is important as you won’t want one that spoil easily.

Here’s my review of the ones I’ve tried, do note that I use the trimmer on a daily basis and a durable pet trimmer is what I am looking for.

Tife 6800

tife 6800

  • Inbuilt battery. Charging time: approximately 4 hours.
  • Comes with attachment combs, charging cable, trimmer, cleaning brush and oil.
  • Suitable all breed sizes.
  • Price: SGD$80 to SGD$180
  • My Ratings: 4.5/5

The very first paw pad trimmer that I got when I enrolled myself for a professional pet grooming course. It comes with the other equipment needed for the course. I would say, this is durable and worth the money.

Like every trimmer when we use for the first time, it’s sharp making trimming the fur on the paw pads a breeze. It leaves a clean shaved paw pads. Battery life is beyond expectation. It could last the entire day with my constant heavy usage. It last me about 4 years before the inbuilt battery decided to rest for good. But nevertheless, the sharpness of the blade never fail me despite dropping it by accident for countless of times.

Codos KP-3000

codos kp 3000

  • Inbuilt battery. Charging time: approximately 3 hours.
  • Comes with attachment combs, charging cable, trimmer, cleaning brush and oil.
  • Suitable for all breed sizes.
  • Price: SGD$35 to SGD$120
  • My Ratings: 2.5/5

After my Tife 6800 retired, I got myself the Codos KP-3000. I admit that I got it without reading any reviews about it, but more on the color. White looks pure and elegant. Another reason for getting one, I’ve always wanted a white paw pet trimmer. It sort of look more professional.

Charging was relatively faster than the good old Tife. It didn’t disappoint me during the first few months of usage. Sharp and quiet. Battery life could last for the entire day. However, after countless of accidental drop by colleagues, it started to disappoint me. The blade got a little blunt, but still usable. Battery life started to drop a lot and I ended up having to plug in the charging cable to be able to use it. Before it totally died on me, I got myself a new paw pet trimmer.

Joyu PHC-815-S

joyu phc 815 s

  • Requires 2 AA size batteries.
  • Comes with attachment combs, trimmer, cleaning brush and oil.
  • Suitable for all breed sizes.
  • Price: SGD$30 to SGD$80
  • My Ratings: 3/5

This would be my third paw pet trimmer after the Codos KP 3000 failed on me. What I like about this pet trimmer is that I can replace the batteries anytime, I just need to bring a spare. I don’t need to worry that I didn’t charge my trimmer. As for pet owners, you may remove the battery when not in use.

Joyu PHC-815-S is a quiet pet trimmer. It’s quieter than the others that I’ve used. But the noise starts to get louder as I use it often. The sharpness of the blade wore off easily thus I got a replacement within less than a year. After a year and a half, the trimmer started giving me problems. Occasionally it wouldn’t work. At first I thought it was my battery problem, but it wasn’t. Removing the blade and switching on the trimmer, it worked. Placing the blade back, it didn’t. This problem creates more trouble and time consuming in hoping to make it work in order to continue grooming.

Codos CP-5200

codos cp 5200

  • Requires 2 AA batteries.
  • Comes with trimmer, grinder, cleaning brush and oil.
  • Suitable for small breeds. E.g. Chihuahua, Toy Poodle, Shih Tzu
  • Price: SGD$25 to SGD$60
  • My ratings: 4.5/5

A friend recommended this to me and I thought of getting one to try on my own poodle. It gives a clean trim. Small enough for tiny paw pads like toy poodles and chihuahuas. It’s quiet, thus it won’t give your pet a fright.

What I like about this paw pad trimmer is that it comes with a nail grinder cap. You can give your pet the necessary nail grinding to file away the sharp edges or to grind it shorter. Some pets aren’t keen to have their nails trim, but they’re OK to with nail grinder.

So far this doesn’t give me any problems and it’s still working fine. One of the paw pad trimmer that I would give a thumbs up.