The Differences – Salon, Mobile & Home

grooming-1018977_960_720 In Singapore, there are 3 different types of grooming services offered. Grooming Salon, Mobile Grooming and Home Grooming. At least that’s what I know.

Let me give you a rough idea of what each of them offers.

Grooming Salon

Located almost island wide with different brand names. They can be located in shopping malls and neighbourhood places. Salons usually comes with retail sections so you get to shop for your pet’s needs while they get their grooming done.

Each salon have more than one groomer. Some do have assistant groomers to assist in basic grooming or showers. So don’t be surprised if someone other than the groomer is handling your pet.

Transportation are usually in-house. So if you require pet transport, there might be additional cost that you need to fork out. If you do have special instructions in regards to your pet(s), do let the pet transporter know so that they may pass the message to the groomer. Alternatively, you may request the groomer to give you a call before they groom your pet.

Salons comes with all the necessary equipment. Additional service such as different spa equipment are available too. As they have more groomers, they are able to take in more appointments or accept walk-ins on non busy days or if they are able to handle.

Home Grooming

It is also known as house-call. Home groomers does not own any shop, their appointments consist of traveling to many different places. Occasionally, they may travel from East to West and back again. Depending on their schedules, appointments can be limited. Thus, it is recommended to make an appointment early to avoid disappointment. Usually their appointments are pre-booked in advance. If you have a home groomer in mind and hoping to try out their service, book them in advance!

They may not offer much spa compared to salon due to the machines being big and bulky. Some spa requires a bath tub which is unsuitable for home grooming service. However, they may have other optional add on services that you might want to try. Such as mud spa, coat treatment etc. Speak to your home groomer and see what add on services they do offer that you might be keen to try and pamper your pet once in a while.

Home groomers literally bring the “salon” to you at the comfort of your very home. They may lug a heavy grooming table together with all the necessary equipment that they may need. Although I do know of some home groomers that doesn’t bring the grooming table, but that’s OK. You may provide a normal table or if your pet allows, the grooming can be on the floor. There’s always a solution or alternative to a problem.

Home grooming can be expensive. The fees may or may not include the transportation cost. It also have to depend if your groomer drives or take the public transport. After all it doesn’t matter how your groomer gets to your place, traveling takes up time where they can use it to groom another pet. Additional cost for transportation is inevitable for home grooming.

Mobile Grooming

I do know there are mobile groomers in the USA. But it’s definitely my first to come across one while surfing Facebook. Mobile Grooming in Singapore is different from the ones in the US.

Here we don’t have big vehicle like the one in the US where it can be transformed into a grooming salon. Thus it depends on how your mobile groomer does the work.

Mobile grooming literally means your pet gets its grooming done in the vehicle instead of a salon or your home. The groomer will drive over and park at a convenient place for grooming. For example, car park. All grooming procedures will be done within the vehicle. You need not worry about the mess during grooming or being cage up either.


Importance of Regular Grooming

puppy-1022421_960_720 When was the last time your pet gets groomed? Do you know regular grooming help your pets in so many ways? Why we groomers always stress the importance of regular grooming?

Grooming does not necessary mean sending your pets to the groomers. It involves the owners too. Maintaining your pets coat is your responsibility not the groomer. Getting a pet comes with responsibilities and commitment, giving your pet the regular brushing and combing are one of them.

Here’s why your pet needs it regular grooming:

Knots & Tangles Free
Regular brushing and combing help maintain your pet’s coat in tip top condition. Matted fur may cause skin problems. Matted fur may cut off any blood supply to extremities and deny any regular air circulation. Skin that are denied regular fresh air and stimulation will result to red skin, open sore and foul odor.

Nicely Trimmed Nails
Trimming your pet’s nails regularly is essential. Untrimmed nails causes pain when your pet walk and cause the toes to spread out. Long nails may start to curl and pierce through the flesh of your pet’s paws. This will cause not only pain but infection as well. So have your pet’s nails trimmed regularly. If you’re unable to do so and needs help, feel free to contact your groomer and schedule an appointment.

Smell Nice & Feel Fresh
Showering your pet allows you to notice something different about your pet, such as rashes, hot spot, flaky skins etc. You may even notice if there’s any fleas or ticks on your pet’s body which requires immediate attention before the pests condition gets out of control. Pets are like us, they do love to smell nice and feel fresh too. So shower your pet regularly, it’s a good way to notice your pet’s overall health too.

Clean Ears
Clean ears reduces any inflammation or infections. If you notice a foul odor coming from your pet, it might not be the skin. It probably comes from the ears. An infected ears not only gives off foul odor, it creates unnecessary discomfort to your pet. So be sure to always clean your pet’s ears after the weekly shower. This will help prevent any unnecessary infections.

Expressing the Anal Gland
Checking on your pet’s anal sac is important. If your pet’s anal sac gets infected, it may cause unnecessary pain and causing it to rupture. Be sure to remind your groomer to express the anal sac during grooming. If you’re unsure, you may check with your vet who will assist you further.

Trimming of Paw Pads & Hygiene Areas
When your pet starts to skid around when it walk, it’s time to have the fur under the paw be trimmed. Trimmed paw pads allows your pet to have better gr apse and friction when it walk which decrease the chances of them getting injured.
Trimming the fur around the hygiene areas prevents feces or urine to be trapped on the fur. Trapped feces or urine may cause your pet to feel uncomfortable and possible skin problems.

Teeth Brushing
We brushed our teeth everyday and your pet needs it too. It reduces plaque and tartar as well as bad breath. So pick up that pet toothbrush and slowly introduce it to your pet. Do note that only pet toothpaste should be used when brushing your pet’s teeth.

For owners who are unsure how to perform the above mentioned grooming procedures may opt to attend a Pet Owner’s Basic Grooming Course. It’s a one or two day course that teaches you how to maintain your pet’s overall grooming before the next appointment with the groomer. Skills like this help you to bond with your pet too, so why not give it a try?

In this post, I have covered all the grooming procedures that pet owners can do it themselves at home. Now the trimming, let’s leave it to the professional groomer. If you needed help with either of the mentioned procedure above, feel free to contact your regular groomer for help. I’m sure they’ll be glad to help you out as much as you need them.

My Experience: The Ticks Infestation

 Every groomer and pet owner worst nightmare: Tick Infestation. I had a very bad experience once and wouldn’t want to go through it again.

I have avoided bringing my two fur babies for a walk during rainy days, let alone walk on the grass as I know the chances of bringing home a tick is highly possible. However, I didn’t manage to dodge the “bullet” even when I was busy with work and my fur babies haven been out for months. That was the busy Chinese New Year period. I would say I am unlucky. It caused me many physical and mental torment. The stress and frustration to get rid of the pests will only go away when it’s all clear up which took me about 6 months.

I applied for a groomer position at a local pet store with grooming facility and services. Securing the job was like a dream come true, never ever have I thought that the nightmare will soon begun when I start work. Out of all the jobs that I have applied and worked, that was my worse choice ever. A friend recommendation might not always be an ideal choice, I learnt it the hard way.

Working with dogs that have ticks are unavoidable and it’s bearable too. But working in an environment where ticks are constantly crawling up walls or anywhere is gross. Despite my suggestions on how to clean up the tick infestation in the shop, the boss’s mother replied me saying it’s normal for a pet shop. No! It isn’t! One or two is OK. But the whole shop being infested isn’t normal. I have worked at a few pet shops previously and they don’t have tick infestation. How is that even normal for a pet shop to be infested with ticks?

Sadly, I brought home baby ticks without knowing. And if you’re wondering, it’s difficult to spot a tiny baby tick that is as small as a dot. I only got to know that I brought home ticks was when I showered my poodle. I found lots of baby ticks on her since she’s a white poodle and ticks can be easily seen. That’s a sign for me to check on my shih tzu who sadly got ticks too.

I knew I had to do something. I bought bottles of Bio-x spray for the environment. A bottle of Carrington to mop the floor with and also to soak my fur babies to kill the ticks that was on them. Every day I sprayed the Bio-x, mopped the floor with Carrington and remove the ticks on my dogs one by one. Although I was already so tired from work, I knew I had to clear up the mess I brought home from work. I do not want my home to be infested like the pet shop.

For months I have been doing the same routine. I decided to purchase a box of Front line as a last resort and despite me not wanting to use it, I knew I had no choice. I applied it for a couple of months and was glad the number of ticks decreased. But it didn’t end there. I thought I completely eradicate the pests as I haven seen them for about a month. Oh boy was I wrong. There were a few pesky buggers who managed to survive. My battle with tics didn’t end. Continuing my ritual of Bio-x, Carrington and front line took me about 6 months to fully clear every single tick. For more than 2 months without seeing any ticks, I can confirm that I won the battle.

In case you’re all wondering why I didn’t get pests controller, it’s because I was on a tight budget. I couldn’t afford pests controller at that point of time. Within my budget, I got the products I needed and manually did the cleaning and deticking myself.

With all the physical and mental torture that I went through with ticks, I had a phobia. I sprayed my bag and my grooming attire with lavender essential oil whenever I encounter a dog with ticks. Yes, after my ordeal, I found out the natural and safe product to use as prevention. And it smells nicer too.

Avoid The Misunderstanding

pug-694802_960_720 Ever had the frustration where you groomer misunderstood the style or the fur length of your fur baby? Before you go all crazy about the misunderstanding, here’s what I have to say on behalf of most groomers. We may interpret your instructions differently. So before you write that bad review, maybe give the groomer or grooming salon another chance for redemption.

Here’s my tip to avoid that misunderstanding and so far it works.

Pictures – Do you have a picture of your pet’s last groom that you like? Show it to the groomer who will have a rough idea of what you’re looking for. Picture paints a thousand words. But do note that each groomer have their own style if you’re the type that have no fix groomer. He/she may add a little of her style to the picture you showed. Thus don’t be surprise if it looks a little different than the picture.

Written Instructions – Don’t be surprise with written note/instructions. Instructions such as the exact/estimated fur length left would be helpful. This note comes in handy if a pet transporter is picking up your fur baby or your helper is bringing on your behalf. Although there might be a slight difference than what you expect, at least it’s not totally way off.

Discuss with Your Groomer – Unsure what style or what’s suitable for your fur baby, maybe you can discuss with your groomer. They may be able to advise you after accessing your pet’s skin and coat condition. It’s also a good way for both you and the groomer to get to know each other better.

Let The Creativity Flow – If you’re the type where it doesn’t matter what the style or fur length may be, you may opt to let your groomer decide it for you. Sometimes there’s a certain style the groomer would like to try, but most owners are reluctant thus they don’t have the opportunity to let their creative juices flow. Why not let your groomer try a new probably unique style for your pet? 

Do give some feedback too after each session if possible. Small feedback such as keeping the fur shorter or longer the next round does mean alot to us. This means alot and groomers would greatly appreciate it.

Introduction to Pet Grooming

puppy-1022421_960_720 Pet grooming is where the hygienic care and cleanliness of the pet are met. It may go through a process where the pet gets a total makeover to enhance its breed’s beauty. The pet may be prepared for show competition or just a normal pet clip.

Sometimes when making an appointment with the pet groomer, you’re always confused with full groom and basic groom. What’s the difference you may ask, and most of the time we would gladly reply you. Here’s a breakdown and the difference between the both.

Full groom is recommended for long coated dogs, such as poodle, Shih Tzu, schnauzer, Maltese etc. They require regular grooming session in order to keep their coat in tip top condition. It is usually done between 6 to 8 weeks. It comprises of the following:

  • Styling – It can be done with full scissoring, a full shave down (depending on skin and coat’s condition), or a mixture of both.
  • Nail Trim
  • Ear Cleaning
  • Trimming of Paw Pads & Hygiene Areas
  • Shower & Fluff Dry
  • Teeth Brushing – Not all grooming salon includes complimentary teeth brushing. Check with your regular groomers.
  • Expressing of Anal Gland

Basic groom is usually recommended for short coated breeds such as, JRT, short coat chihuahua, french bull, pug etc. Long coated breeds may opt to do basic groom in between their full groom appointments too. It is usually done on a monthly basis. It comprises of the following:

  • Nail Trim
  • Ear Cleaning
  • Trimming of Paw Pads & Hygiene Areas
  • Shower & Fluff Dry
  • Teeth Brushing – Not all grooming salon includes complimentary teeth brushing. Check with your regular groomers.
  • Expressing of Anal Gland

Pet grooming can be done by owners too. For example simple grooming such as brushing and combing of the fur, ear cleaning and showering. Owners may opt to take up Pet Owners Basic Grooming course where they will learn the proper grooming techniques and perform basic groom themselves.