Cherish Your Groomer, Treat Them Well

life-352565_960_720¬†Are you grooming for passion and love for the pets or are you grooming just for the money? A question I saw on Facebook groomer’s page. After reading the comments, each have their own opinions and I am saddened that some groomers passion got burned off after a few years in the industry.

All of us started with passion and love. But why does some of our passion died? We do love doing what we do. It is also one of the way we could help a neglected pet feel better and comfortable. I came across owners who came to me because their groomers resigned or retire earlier than expected. Some even question me why is it so difficult to find a good groomer now compared to years ago?

Being a groomer is not all about rainbows and unicorns. It is not about being in a puppy paradise where you play with them all day. Being a groomer requires patience when it comes to pets with behavioural problems or puppies. It requires us to be gentle with seniors or pets with special needs (patella, slip discs etc). Sometimes we need to be emotionally strong when we received sad news from owners, where we become the pillar of support they may need.

We stand most of the time for long hours. We do heavy lifting of pets in all shape and sizes. Occasionally, we had to struggle with aggressive or uncooperative pets in order to get the job done. The grooming room is like our daily gym, our job mostly consists of physical work.

We might meet unreasonable customer once in a blue moon. But we maintained our cool and give the best that we could for the sake of the pet. Our job are under appreciate, majority would take our compassion to their advantage. We don’t get the respect we deserve. Sadly in Singapore, many view groomers as school dropouts. Let me tell you, your groomers might be a diploma or a degree holder. We choose to be a groomer simply because we have the love and passion towards this job. We have the compassion towards animals, because we love them as much as you do. It is our choice to work longer hours compared to 9 to 5 office jobs.

Grooming is never an easy job and do cherish your groomer if you’ve found one that both you and your pet like. Show them the appreciation you have before their love and passion got burn off and are no longer in the industry.