Ear Cleaners – The Reviews

Often I have seen online people asking for ear cleaner recommendations. We are  all spoilt for choice as there are many brands out there. I believe somewhere out there, one of it would be our personal preference. What I prefer might not be yours. Try the different ones and you’ll definitely find one that you like and suits your pet.

This entry is only base on my experience and personal preference.

Pet Horizon Earrific

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Price: SGD16.20 to SGD19.05
My Ratings: 4/5

I personally love this, but the smell can be pungent and not all can take it. It smells like medicated ear solution.

Although it is like a normal ear cleaner. It cleans up the dirtiest ears easily. It also help ear infections to recover faster. This is my #1 favorite.

Chris Christensen Mystic Ear

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Price: SGD38
My Ratings: 3

Personally I didn’t really like this. Poured a little into the ear to dissolve the ear wax, bubbles start to form. I have no idea how much solution have I poured into the ear canal or that mostly were just air bubbles.

However, cleaning wise there’s nothing to complain. It works on dirtiest ear so all is well.

Tropiclean Oxymed Ear Cleaner

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Price: SGD14.50
My Ratings: 4/5

This is considered a medicated ear cleaner. It helped with my dogs ear infection. It isn’t smelly and cleans dirty ears with ease. Just a little and a gentle swap on the ear canal, the dirt is off. Another personal favorite.

Tropiclean Ear Wash

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Price: SGD16
My Ratings: 4/5

For dogs who are allergic to alcohol, you should try this. Tropiclean Ear Wash is alcohol free!

This ear solution smells like coconut to me. Cleaning wise it works just fine. Helps control my Shih tzu’s yeast infection in the ear at bay which I am thankful for. He’s on the road to recovery. A slow process but he’s getting better.

Cleaning wise, it’s good. I have no complain for it all.

Bark to Basics Ear Cleaner

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Price: SGD34
My Ratings: 3.5/5

Smell wise, awesome. It contains witchhazel which I read up it’s good. However, the cleaning doesn’t seem to be good to me. For a dirty ear, I had to clean the same area multiple times before the dirt comes off. Which might cause redness to the skin. This is base on my personal experience, thus it may not apply to all user.

#1 All System Ear so Fresh

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Price: SGD31.50 to SGD37.45
My Ratings: 3.5/5

Personally this is another good brand for dirty ears. But of course, it works good on non dirty ears too. I have only used it a couple of times and I noticed how fast it dissolve the ear wax for easy cleaning. Something to consider getting if you’re looking for a good ear cleaner. This is one of the ear cleaner I would recommend.

True Iconic Tea Tree Ear Cleaner

Image result for True Iconic Tea Tree Ear Cleaner

Price: RM37
My Ratings: 3/5

This ear cleaner comes in gel form. Not my personal favorite. When squeezed a little into the ear canal to dissolve ear wax, the gel doesn’t really slide but stayed on top like cake frosting. To allow it to enter the ear canal fully, it have to take some time. When I squeezed a little of it onto cotton, somehow it slides better and it will land on the ground. Which kind if waste a little of the ear cleaner.

Cleaning wise is good. It cleans up dirty ear wax better than I expected. Smell is kind of pleasant.

Espree Ear Care

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Price: SGD16.15 to SGD27.30
My Ratings: 3.5/5

Recently I bought this to try. Thinking if switching ear cleaner for my grooming business. This ear cleaner isn’t safe for cats, so please do not use it on cats!

Majority of my clients keep dogs so it is ok for me to use. But of course I have Tropiclean Ear Wash on hand for cat clients.


Why My Groomer Have To Shave Down My Dog?

Many owners are unhappy when groomers had to tell them the only humane thing to do was to shave down their badly matted dog. I, myself practise the humane method. Humanity before vanity. And it has been my motto as long as I can remember.

Here’s my personal reason to why groomers opt to shave down your badly pelted dog instead of dematting.

Dematting can be stressful and painful. The constant tugging and brushing the knots can be painful and create stress to your dog. They will start to struggle and making the work of dematting much more difficult. It may cause your pet to be traumatised and refused to be brushed/comb in future.

Dematting can be time consuming. Depending on how severe the mats are, dematting can be a long tedious work for the groomer. Not to mention, your pet will be in pain and in stress longer than expected if you insist that vanity is more important than your pet’s well being.

Codition of the mats are tight and pelted near to the skin. There are different level of mats and the severely matted fur have to go. Mats all over the body that are tight and pelted are not ideal for dematting. Shaving off this severely matted fur will help your pet’s skin and making it feel comfortable.

Showering a badly matted pet may cause skin problems. The knots will get tighter when showered each time. And it will be difficult to rinse off the shampoo and conditioner residue. By drying a matted coat with shampoo/conditioner residue still in the coat, will make the condition worse. It may be impossible to dry a matted coat. With moisture trapped beneath and the humid weather in Singapore, skin problem is sure to surface.

Abrasion from the constant brushing during dematting may be unavoidable. Dematting may leave your pet’s skin red and inflamed due to constant brushing on the same area while trying to untangle the knot. It may be painful for your pet.

Healthy skin requires to breathe. With the fur tangled, your pet’s skin may be hindered for proper ventilation. This may result to unnecessary skin problems on top of wetting a knotted fur.

Hopefully this post will help you understand more on why there’s a need to shave your severely matted pooch.

Is Spa & Treatment Necessary?

Most or rather all grooming salons offer additional add on services, spa and treatment. Is it necessary?

It depends. Some spa or treatment may be beneficial and improve your pet’s skin condition. But of course, not all are suitable. Take for an instance, two dogs with the same skin issues and both did mud spa. However, one of them got better while the other got worse. Thus, it really depends if your dog is suitable for this particular spa or treatment.

I do need to stress that we groomers are not vet. The additional spa or treatment that we offered aren’t something to cure your pet’s skin issues. But if it is, congrats. If it doesn’t, at least the spa and treatment helped ease the discomfort they are feeling or aid during their recovery period. However, if there’s no improvement, I would advise to stop the spa or try another.

Here’s a list of spa and treatment that I know of, or rather most grooming salon offers:

  • Mud spa
  • Microbubble/Nanobubble spa
  • Skin treatment
  • Coat treatment
  • Foam bubble spa
  • Pet Sparkling Tab spa

Spa and treatment is an additional and optional service. If your groomer introduce you to these spa and treatment, it is ok to say no if you are uncomfortable to try. But of course, you may pamper you pooches once in a while if you want. Do check on the prices for this additional service to avoid getting a shock during payment.

Dematting Spray – The Reviews

Last year while I was volunteering, a fosterer introduced me to a dematting spray which she thinks I should get for my grooming business.

Frankly speaking, I was skeptical at first as I have not use the product before. And I know of another which is good enough for me. I didn’t get it till there was a warehouse sale from the supplier.

Espree – Detangling and Dematting Spray

Price: SGD$21.25 to SGD$25

My ratings: 4/5

If you are asking why is the bottle different if you bought this product previously. Well… There’s a change in packaging.

This can be sprayed before or after shower. It’s like a leave on conditioner with a nice smell to it. 

What I did was mainly spray it on the knots, massage it in and leave on for a few minutes before brushing. It made it easier to brush out even the tightest knots that I have come across. But of course, it didn’t work for the severely matted cases which I tried and hoping it will help loosen the knots. 

It’s one of the dematting spray that I have tried and loving it that I bought two bottles. And within about a month, I am already using up almost half a bottle! I used it mainly at work and also occasionally on my poodle who sometimes lick herself causing the knots on the fur.

This spray helped reduce fur damage as well as constant brushing on the same area which may cause the skin to be red and sore.

Highly recommend this to owners who wish to brush and do some dematting on their own. But of course, you may use it as a leave on conditioner as well. 

Why Home Grooming Can Be Costly?

Many have the perception that home grooming is generally cheaper than salons. I beg to differ and here’s why from my point of view.


Home groomers may travel in all sort of ways, public or private transport. For public transport, although generally cheaper compared to owning a vehicle, traveling takes longer time than driving. It includes the walking distance from destination to bus/mrt stations, waiting and traveling time. And the groomer who opted for this option may have to carry all the equipment needed and that includes the grooming table. All of this time and effort adds up will cost more than the actual public transport cost.

Home groomers with their own have additional expenses. Such as car insurance and maintenance, petrol, parking fees and the cost of the car with COE. These cost more than taking the public transport. But its rather convenient for the groomer themselves.

Skills Upgrade

There’s so much to learn to be honest. Different breeds requires many different techniques. Naturally groomers would want to head back to the learning journey.

Courses doesn’t cost just a few hundred. It cost thousands over especially an overseas trip to learn from one of the best in the world.


I personally have tons of grooming equipment. More or less each groomer has the same.

Grooming table, the one I had, I got it at $95. Slightly bigger ones cost about $170.

The most basic scissors probably cost about $180 for a good pair. For a better one it could cost about $500 and above.

Comb wise, the most basic ones is around $20. Better ones from what I know cost about $90.

Dog blower, it depends if your groomer is using the normal salon hair dryer or the powerful dog blower. A hair dryer could cost about $50 and above. While a powerful dog blower could cost above $120. The ones you see at the grooming salon, it cost about $600 and above.

Just all of these cost a bomb, not to mention about brushes and nail clippers etc. Grooming equipment are never cheap.

* Prices are base on my own equipment and knowledge. 

Shampoo & Conditioners

Some home groomers bring their own shampoo and conditioner unless owner requested to use theirs instead.

Depending on brands, it could range from $90 to $200.

Spa & Treatment

As an additional option, home groomers may introduce their spa and treatment to pamper your pets. These little thing doesn’t come cheap.

Prices varies from $100 to probably a thousand for the equipment or products.

Maintenance & Repairs

Equipment needed the maintenance. Occasionally, it requires repair service. This is to make sure the equipment are in tip top condition for the work.

It could cost from around $28 for minor repairs to probably over a hundred for major ones.

These are just a rough gauge and ideas on my own opinion why home grooming may cost a little more than salon. I am not saying salon grooming doesn’t have their own expeditures, but each have their own pros and cons.

The Differences – Salon, Mobile & Home

grooming-1018977_960_720 In Singapore, there are 3 different types of grooming services offered. Grooming Salon, Mobile Grooming and Home Grooming. At least that’s what I know.

Let me give you a rough idea of what each of them offers.

Grooming Salon

Located almost island wide with different brand names. They can be located in shopping malls and neighbourhood places. Salons usually comes with retail sections so you get to shop for your pet’s needs while they get their grooming done.

Each salon have more than one groomer. Some do have assistant groomers to assist in basic grooming or showers. So don’t be surprised if someone other than the groomer is handling your pet.

Transportation are usually in-house. So if you require pet transport, there might be additional cost that you need to fork out. If you do have special instructions in regards to your pet(s), do let the pet transporter know so that they may pass the message to the groomer. Alternatively, you may request the groomer to give you a call before they groom your pet.

Salons comes with all the necessary equipment. Additional service such as different spa equipment are available too. As they have more groomers, they are able to take in more appointments or accept walk-ins on non busy days or if they are able to handle.

Home Grooming

It is also known as house-call. Home groomers does not own any shop, their appointments consist of traveling to many different places. Occasionally, they may travel from East to West and back again. Depending on their schedules, appointments can be limited. Thus, it is recommended to make an appointment early to avoid disappointment. Usually their appointments are pre-booked in advance. If you have a home groomer in mind and hoping to try out their service, book them in advance!

They may not offer much spa compared to salon due to the machines being big and bulky. Some spa requires a bath tub which is unsuitable for home grooming service. However, they may have other optional add on services that you might want to try. Such as mud spa, coat treatment etc. Speak to your home groomer and see what add on services they do offer that you might be keen to try and pamper your pet once in a while.

Home groomers literally bring the “salon” to you at the comfort of your very home. They may lug a heavy grooming table together with all the necessary equipment that they may need. Although I do know of some home groomers that doesn’t bring the grooming table, but that’s OK. You may provide a normal table or if your pet allows, the grooming can be on the floor. There’s always a solution or alternative to a problem.

Home grooming can be expensive. The fees may or may not include the transportation cost. It also have to depend if your groomer drives or take the public transport. After all it doesn’t matter how your groomer gets to your place, traveling takes up time where they can use it to groom another pet. Additional cost for transportation is inevitable for home grooming.

Mobile Grooming

I do know there are mobile groomers in the USA. But it’s definitely my first to come across one while surfing Facebook. Mobile Grooming in Singapore is different from the ones in the US.

Here we don’t have big vehicle like the one in the US where it can be transformed into a grooming salon. Thus it depends on how your mobile groomer does the work.

Mobile grooming literally means your pet gets its grooming done in the vehicle instead of a salon or your home. The groomer will drive over and park at a convenient place for grooming. For example, car park. All grooming procedures will be done within the vehicle. You need not worry about the mess during grooming or being cage up either.

Cherish Your Groomer, Treat Them Well

life-352565_960_720 Are you grooming for passion and love for the pets or are you grooming just for the money? A question I saw on Facebook groomer’s page. After reading the comments, each have their own opinions and I am saddened that some groomers passion got burned off after a few years in the industry.

All of us started with passion and love. But why does some of our passion died? We do love doing what we do. It is also one of the way we could help a neglected pet feel better and comfortable. I came across owners who came to me because their groomers resigned or retire earlier than expected. Some even question me why is it so difficult to find a good groomer now compared to years ago?

Being a groomer is not all about rainbows and unicorns. It is not about being in a puppy paradise where you play with them all day. Being a groomer requires patience when it comes to pets with behavioural problems or puppies. It requires us to be gentle with seniors or pets with special needs (patella, slip discs etc). Sometimes we need to be emotionally strong when we received sad news from owners, where we become the pillar of support they may need.

We stand most of the time for long hours. We do heavy lifting of pets in all shape and sizes. Occasionally, we had to struggle with aggressive or uncooperative pets in order to get the job done. The grooming room is like our daily gym, our job mostly consists of physical work.

We might meet unreasonable customer once in a blue moon. But we maintained our cool and give the best that we could for the sake of the pet. Our job are under appreciate, majority would take our compassion to their advantage. We don’t get the respect we deserve. Sadly in Singapore, many view groomers as school dropouts. Let me tell you, your groomers might be a diploma or a degree holder. We choose to be a groomer simply because we have the love and passion towards this job. We have the compassion towards animals, because we love them as much as you do. It is our choice to work longer hours compared to 9 to 5 office jobs.

Grooming is never an easy job and do cherish your groomer if you’ve found one that both you and your pet like. Show them the appreciation you have before their love and passion got burn off and are no longer in the industry.