Is Spa & Treatment Necessary?

Most or rather all grooming salons offer additional add on services, spa and treatment. Is it necessary?

It depends. Some spa or treatment may be beneficial and improve your pet’s skin condition. But of course, not all are suitable. Take for an instance, two dogs with the same skin issues and both did mud spa. However, one of them got better while the other got worse. Thus, it really depends if your dog is suitable for this particular spa or treatment.

I do need to stress that we groomers are not vet. The additional spa or treatment that we offered aren’t something to cure your pet’s skin issues. But if it is, congrats. If it doesn’t, at least the spa and treatment helped ease the discomfort they are feeling or aid during their recovery period. However, if there’s no improvement, I would advise to stop the spa or try another.

Here’s a list of spa and treatment that I know of, or rather most grooming salon offers:

  • Mud spa
  • Microbubble/Nanobubble spa
  • Skin treatment
  • Coat treatment
  • Foam bubble spa
  • Pet Sparkling Tab spa

Spa and treatment is an additional and optional service. If your groomer introduce you to these spa and treatment, it is ok to say no if you are uncomfortable to try. But of course, you may pamper you pooches once in a while if you want. Do check on the prices for this additional service to avoid getting a shock during payment.


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